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    At Popco, we pride ourselves on practicality. We ought to since we are purveyors of widgets that are modest, simple, and useful – essentially, the definition of practical. Among our products, none is more practical that our push-lock post and loop-screw sets. Practical in that hand-assembly with these parts is rapid (no tools are required). Practical in that the screw portion of the set contains a loop connection point (ideal for swatch books that will be hung as shown in the photo). Practical in that post and loop-screw sets are visually discrete (your design is the star of the show, not our parts).

    Loop-screws are available in several lengths and they can be combined with push-lock posts in many lengths. This gives designers great flexibility when binding swatch books in thicknesses as little as 3/16” or as great as 1-3/4”.

    Though it is swatch books for which the post and loop-screws were designed, they can be used in all sorts of ways. One idea is to use them as hanging connection points on lightweight signs. Combined with other modest and practical Popco products, like our barbed string, the loop screws are great little work horses. Designers, use your imagination when considering the post and loop-screws. They’re not just for swatch books anymore.

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